About Mundipharma EDO

Dedicated to Oncology Research

Mundipharma EDO is part of the Mundipharma global network of privately-owned independent associated companies, which operate in over 120 countries worldwide. At Mundipharma EDO we develop therapies for patients around the world with rare or relapsed/refractory (difficult to treat) cancer, and investigate smart approaches to new cancer treatments from concept through to clinical development and regulatory approval.

We are passionate medical and operational oncology specialists, partnering with a wide network of clinical experts and consultants. Our sole focus is progressing treatments through the research and clinical development phase. Responsibility for delivering new cancer treatments to patients will be passed onto other members of the Mundipharma global network at the point of marketing authorisation.

What does Mundipharma EDO do?

The team at Mundipharma EDO operate a lean, agile research and development model; this allows us to implement a fast and successful development process by empowering all members of our team to form conclusions and make quick decisions. We have ambitious timelines for our oncology clinical trials programme and are currently focused on patient recruitment for trials in several relapsed/refractory blood cancers and advanced solid tumours.

At present, we are investigating four examples of new cancer treatment with the potential to treat 14 different types of cancer.

Mundipharma EDO: Exploring Smart Approaches to Cancer Therapy

Find out about the evolution of cancer therapy, unmet patient needs and the smart approaches Mundipharma EDO is exploring to pursue advances in cancer treatment.

A brief introduction to the company and its mission.

Dr Thomas Mehrling Biography

Dr Mehrling was appointed Managing Director of Mundipharma EDO in 2013 and became Chief Executive Officer in 2016. He brings extensive oncology experience to the role with more than 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Mehrling is also a certified pharmacist with a PhD in pharmacology and a certified physician in haemato-oncology. He obtained his PhD from Frankfurt University, following work on developing a new therapy to treat nausea and vomiting, and earned his MD degree working in the Department of Internal Medicine at Frankfurt University (Hemato-oncology and Cardiology).

Meet the Oncology Research Development Team

Paco Ibanez

Director Clinical Project Management Oncology

Delphine Remmy

Director Clinical Project Management Oncology

Davide Guggi

Director CMC & Preclinical Safety Oncology

Markus Loeffler MD

International Clinical Leader Oncology

Katarina Hilgier MD

International Clinical Leader Oncology

Dan Soltis

Director Development Biologics Oncology

Ines Wagner PhD

Director Clinical Project Management Oncology

Sophie Taillibert MD

International Clinical Leader Oncology CNS

David Browning

Director Clinical Operations Oncology USA

Cornelia Baumgartner

Senior Manager Clinical Operations Europe

Caroline Waldy

Clinical Operation Manager Logistic & Supply

Jason Hall

Global Head of Knowledge Management Oncology

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