Myeloma Action Month


Paco Ibanez

By Francisco Ibanez, Director Clinical Project Management Oncology

This month the International Myeloma Foundation holds its annual Myeloma Action Month to raise awareness of this cancer type. Multiple myeloma (MM) is the second most common blood cancer; however, many patients have never heard of it until they are diagnosed.1

MM is a cancer of the bone marrow plasma cells. A cancerous or malignant plasma cell is called a myeloma cell. Myeloma is described as “multiple”, because often there are multiple patches or areas in bone where it grows.2

An estimated 30,770 new cases of MM were diagnosed in the U.S. in 2018,3 and 40,000 people diagnosed in Europe in 2015.4 While myeloma can affect adults of any age,  it is much more common in people aged over 65 years, and in men rather than women.4 This infographic below provides more information on the impact of MM.

Many different types of medication are available for MM, and choice will depend on how old and how fit the patient is.5 Even though there is still no cure for myeloma, new drugs developed in the last decade are improving myeloma survival.3 Unfortunately, however, almost all patients with MM who survive initial treatment will eventually relapse and require further therapy. The patient survival rate for MM up to five years is 50.7%.3

Here at Mundipharma EDO we have a number of clinical trials ongoing investigating possible future treatments for rare or difficult-to-treat blood cancers, including MM. These treatments are at the very early stages of development, but it is hoped that in the future we may be in a position to bring benefit to patients with MM who currently have very limited treatment options.


Click below to view and download the infographic pdf:

About Multiple Myeloma


About Multiple Myeloma


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